Mutant Mass 2.27kg

Mutant Mass 2.27kg


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Mutant Mass 2.27kg

Mutant Mass is a cult even gainer type products directly from the company PVL. This is one of the best-known and most recognizable types of supplements weight gainer in the world. It combines high quality and low price, and the effects of drug use Mutant Mass do not have to wait long.

As the only product in the category of supplements for weight holds up to 10 different types of protein – from soon after slowly absorbable, in order to maximize the effect. Excellent diversion composition Vitargo is also regarded as the best form of carbohydrates in the world.

Mutant Mass 2.27kg

The composition was repeatedly optimized to give the best nutrients in its category.

Mass manufacturer enriched Mutant also Omega, MCT oil or CLA.

Exactly what proteins are part of this product?

In fact, it is a mix of whey protein isolate WPI, which are characterized by very rapid absorption times. Another type is a whey protein concentrate WPC whose absorption time is about four hours. The site also forms casein – calcium caseinate, MPC – protein concentrate and milk casein micelle, which absorb even 8 – 12 hours.

In addition to whey protein forms, an excellent complementary element is composed of egg protein in the isolate from the yolk.

What types of carbohydrates found in

Mutant Mass 2.27kg


Mutant Mass consists of a mix of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, including Vextrago that provide power at different times from the consumption, so that the processes are blocked catabolism and anabolism of the process are supported.

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Weight 2.27 kg

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