Biotech USA Black Blood 330g Pre-Workout

Biotech USA Black Blood 330g Pre-Workout


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Biotech USA Black Blood 330g Pre-Workout

POWDER energizing tension unique combination FOR EXTREME NEEDS.

Blood Biotech USA Black Pre-Workout 330g

Recommended for:
Hardcore bodybuilders
athletes during the preparation, martial arts fighters
without carbs pre-workout products
Those who prefer powder products

Biotech USA Black Blood 330g Pre-Workout

The complex formula with a very high content of caffeine, whose main function is to contribute to the production of nitric oxide and carnosine. Magnesium, niacin and vitamin B6 contributes to normal metabolism, and reduce fatigue. Caffeine increases concentration and alertness, thus providing greater focus during training. The amount of vitamin B6 in Biotech USA Black Blood contributes to the normal metabolism of protein and glycogen, while zinc contributes to the normal fatty acid metabolism and normal protein synthesis, and to maintain the proper level of testosterone in the blood. Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function.

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