BioTechUSA – 100% Pure Whey – 2270g + 100% Pure Whey1000g

BioTechUSA – 100% Pure Whey – 2270g + 100% Pure Whey1000g

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BioTechUSA – 100% Pure Whey – 2270g + 100% Pure Whey1000g

Limited edition !!!
For the first customers protein bar Olympus Gladiator + Shaker BioTech free !!!

High concentration of full-PROTEIN (OK 80%),
provides as much as 5000 mg of branched amino acids per serving
VERY well absorbed, with an excellent creamy taste
Solubility STANDING very high
low content of carbohydrates and fats
Superb protein supplement, which the formula is based on a concentrate and isolate whey protein fortified by the addition of free amino acids! Each serving provides both fast and slow proteins which improves regeneration and protects the body from catabolism. Very good taste and does not cause problems during dissolution!

BioTechUSA – 100% Pure Whey – 2270g + 100% Pure Whey1000g


BioTech 100% Pure Whey – the latest offering renowned brands of the United States. It is gluten-free conditioner addressed to the most demanding athletes. Also contains no preservatives, which is a very positive aspect. Each portion is almost 80% percent of high amounts of protein derived from two sources: whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate, which also have been enriched with a complex of free amino acids. Therefore ideally check in during the day as a strengthening of the poor in protein meals and immediately after training because it delivered fast and a bit slower amino acids. It should be emphasized that an adequate amount of protein in the diet for a swift recovery and development of lean muscle mass.

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